About me

My name is Mohit Patel (Twitter, Facebook). Thanks for dropping by Project Noesis blog. I write all posts on this blog.

I like being a gadfly. For myself and for my small circle of friends. My locus of influence is pretty small! If you read something here and it made you think or look up something that you normally would not have, then it's a small win for me.

Noesis is a philosophy program that I run at my school. Our goal is to help students ask questions and search for answers wherever they may be rather than simply providing answers. I want students to have the opportunity to explore and reflect. In Noesis, we study great works of art, particularly the written word, that are both timeless and timely. When a great book is read as a community it brings us closer and develops shared understanding.

School is a place where a child forms relationships with herself and others. She also learns to place herself in the bigger scheme of things. Given the incredibly complex and confusing world that we live in, it is now, more than ever, necessary to give intellectual tools to children to make sense of the world around them.

Project Noesis blog is a space where I write about my thoughts and my explorations. I think and write about philosophy, education, literature, art, and even about my work. I don't see any of these as separate from each other.

Enjoy the explorations!

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