Bodhi - The Meditation Centre at Raga Svara

Bodhi - The Meditation Centre at Raga Svara

Each and every space Raga Svara is carefully thought about and designed. Each space is its own unique experience. While each space is unique, they all have a common design philosophy: to create a sense of belonging and purpose. One of the key experiences at Raga is meditation. While designing, one option was to use the large Yoga centre, Antara, as a meditation space as well.  It was (and is) a sensible thing to do. We will be using Antara for meditation as well. However, I wanted a space that was meant exclusively for meditation. In an age of "multiuse" banquets and party plots, regaining a sense of exclusive-use space is a rare experience. Of course, exclusivity does bring sub-optimization with it. However, I think the experience of entering Bodhi and doing nothing and being still inside it is one of the most moving experiences one can have.

Bodhi's design is a conical structure above the ground. The main seating space is below the ground. A winding circular stairway takes you below and inside the hall. The flat cut out on the top brings natural light inside. The circular space inside with the conical roof makes an incredible acoustic experience. The Om chanting reverberates and echoes back from the walls into your own body and soul. Like all good things in life, it can only be experienced by being here.

Meditation hall at wellness retreat in India, Raga Svara
Bodhi Meditation Centre at Raga Svara

Thanks to our design team for these wonderful paintings of the spaces at Raga Svara.

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