Pause and connect with nature

Pause and connect with nature. We are building a place where we can pause and connect with nature.

We  have forgotten how to cooperate with nature. We are habituated to  establishing our dominion in all aspects of life, including nature.  Living in harmony with nature is long gone. We use her for our gains  which comes at the cost of other rightful members of the habitat. We  have forgotten to respond to the seasonal and temporal patterns of  nature, much to our own physical and psychological detriment. दिनचर्या  (the daily routine) and ऋतुचर्या (the seasonal routine) don’t fit in our  modern lives.

To  be really in sync with oneself and nature is to understand and  experience the time scale of nature around us. The road to our wellbeing  is so simple and clear yet riddled with hardships. Eating सात्त्विक  (essential, natural, clean) food, taking a stroll among the trees,  practising योग (yoga), observing सिला (self-discipline), watching and  hearing the birds, breathing in clear air, smelling the sweet flowers  and pungent leaves. These go a long way in renewing and sustaining our  body, mind and spirit.

In Carl Jung’s words, “When you walk with naked feet, how can you ever forget the earth?”

Let’s walk with naked feet.

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