Pause and fight disease

We are building a place where we can pause and fight disease.

The  core element of our approach is to provide therapeutic relief to the  malaise of the body and mind. Ancient Indian wisdom and therapeutic  practices of Ayurveda and Yoga are fully realised within our “home”.  Co-existence of traditional approaches and modern systems is not only  possible but essential to move towards a broader conception of health  and wellness.

Our  goal is not to stop at therapy but rather move towards Eudaimonia, a  sense of flourishing, moving from relief of suffering to the cultivation  of positive emotional and mental states.

The  harmony of body, mind and spirit starts with the focus on the body.  Authentic Ayurveda and Yoga practices demand that the individual be  ready to take responsibility for her own health. Health is not received  but is gained by engaging with the right routines, dietary habits and  physical & psychological practices.

We are building a place where we all can learn to heal and fight disease with ancient wisdom and traditions.
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